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Fall Recipe Roundup For You and Your Dog

6 October 2023 — Recipes

Ah, fall, the season of pumpkin-spiced everything and cozy, cinnamon-scented evenings! It’s the time of year when we embrace the warmth of our favorite sweaters and gather around the table with friends, family, and even our four-legged companions. So why not whip up some delightful dishes that will leave both you and your pup drooling for more? We’ve compiled our fall recipe roundup that’ll have both you and your pup asking for more. Let’s get cooking!

Recipes for Humans:

Pumpkin Spice Loaf Cake:

Pumpkin spice loaf cake

Inspired by Zoë pumpkin kibble, here’s an easy recipe for a super moist pumpkin spice loaf with a maple glaze which NEEDS to be part of your next fall gathering. It’s also perfect for brunch or enjoy a slice with your morning coffee!

Apple Breakfast Cookies:

Apple Breakfast Cookie

If you’ve ever dreamed of having apple pie for breakfast (and who hasn’t?), then you’re in for an absolute treat. Say hello to our apple breakfast cookies inspired by none other than the Zoë Apple & Cinnamon Tender Bites. They’re the perfect blend of cozy comfort and breakfast excitement in every delicious bite.

Apple Pie Cocktail:

Apple Pie Cocktail

Get ready to shake up some tail-wagging excitement in your glass with our delightful Apple Pie Cocktail recipe! Also, inspired by the heartwarming flavours of Zoë Apple Cinnamon Tender Bites, this cocktail is a playful twist on a classic favourite.

Recipes for Dogs:

Howl-oween Donuts:

Howl-oween donuts

Don’t let your dog feel left out this Halloween season with this Howl-oween donuts for dogs recipe! Deliciously healthy donuts for your dog topped with Zoë Beef with Peas and Pumpkin kibble. The perfect fun and healthy treat for your dog this Halloween, with just 8 ingredients!

Pumpkin Spice Latte (for dogs):

Did you know that you can serve up your favourite fall drink to your dog? This is a caffeine-free, dog-friendly PUP-kin spice latte recipe. This simple recipe uses ingredients that are safe and beneficial to your dog’s health such as pumpkin and coconut milk. Now your dog doesn’t have to miss out on the fall fun!

Our top picks for fall recipes that will leave both you and your pup drooling for more. So go ahead, whip up these delectable dishes, and create some heartwarming memories with your fur baby. Happy cooking, and don’t forget to share the love (and treats) with your four-legged friend!

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