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Why do cats make awesome pets?

15 December 2020 — Miscellaneous | Cats

“A dog is a man’s best friend,” is an expression we often hear, but what about cats? Dog and cat lovers will probably never agree on this, but people who have both pets can confirm that a cat can also be a man’s best friend.                                                  

Here are some reasons why cats make wonderful pets.

They are quiet

Even the loudest and most persistent meow can’t rival with the insistent barking of a dog. You probably won’t ever get complaints from your neighbours about your cat being too noisy.

They are masters of cleanliness

Cats spend most of their time grooming themselves; and thus, they don’t usually need baths. They also often smell better than dogs since they don’t roll around in dirt or jump in puddles of water. Consequently, your house will stay cleaner for longer!

They are the perfect friend

Although they are generally independent, cats can also be very affectionate. When their human is working, watching television or reading a book, they like to cuddle with them. All they want in exchange are cuddles, scratches and short playing sessions. Furthermore, there is nothing more relaxing than hearing a cat purr. It has even been proven that purrs can lower your blood pressure.

They are low maintenance

Kittens don’t require as much attention as puppies since you don’t need to take them out every few hours to potty train them. Cats also need less physical activity, which makes them the perfect pet for small living spaces or homes without access to a backyard. Felines can also stay home alone when you’re at work and are not as likely to destroy objects when they’re bored. In fact, cats suffer generally far less from separation anxiety than dogs.

They are great hunters

The presence of a cat in the house can be sufficient to scare away small rodents. If one of them succeeds in entering the house, your cat’s natural predatory instinct will come out. Felines are also great insect hunters; they help rid your house of mites, flies, spiders and more. However, some insects, like ladybugs, taste bad, even for a cat, so don’t count on your feline friend to eat them!

They are less expensive

Most expenses related to cat care cost less than those for dogs. The same applies for food, toys and other cat accessories. The size of felines is one of the main reasons why the care costs are less expensive.

Cats often have a bad reputation among dog lovers, but for the people sharing their lives with a feline, it is undeniable that they are as wonderful, cuddly, and playful as dogs.



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