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What is your pet’s personality profile?

1 September 2021 — Cats and Dogs

Our pets, just like us, have their own personality. While some of their character traits are influenced by genetics, each pet is still unique. Even though our furry friends can have several different character traits, there is always one that is more prominent than the others.

Here are 4 of those different character traits. Which of these fits your pet the best?

Smarty Pants

Some dogs have become masters in the art of being adorable, but the smarty pants is not only good at sitting pretty but is also very intelligent. According to studies, some dog breeds, such as Border Collies, can learn tricks by repeating them fewer than 5 times. Furthermore, they will obey this new command over 95% of the time. But make no mistake, there are also certain cat breeds, such as Abyssinian, Siamese and Bengals, who have just as truly amazing skills!

Couch Potato

All dogs need a little daily exercise, but the couch potato is content with a brief playtime session and a short walk. They are the type of pet that enjoys watching television with you. With a calm disposition, their daily routine generally comprises of these 3 key elements: napping, eating and relaxing.


Gluey, this type of pet needs to be stuck to you all the time. No matter where you are, they are never very far. Furthermore, the cuddler likes to sleep nestled up against you, put their paw on your keyboard or their nose in your book. They can never have too many cuddles – they’ll stick to you like glue!

House Cleaner

No crumb is safe from the house cleaner. This pet is like a vacuum, no matter whether what they find is consumable or not. When your back is turned, they reach in your plate. Additionally, they stare at you when you are eating at the table, and they are ready to jump on anything that falls to the ground.

With this type of personality, it is important to be watchful. Cats and dogs that are the house cleaner type can ingest substances, plants or objects that could cause health problems. Stay vigilant!

A popular expression claims: “Like master, like dog.” In the past years, it has indeed been shown that our furry friends can develop character traits resembling those of their owners. Take time to observe your pet, you will probably see yourself in them and understand them better.



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