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We Are Here For You

2 April 2020 — Miscellaneous

Dear pet parent,

This message goes out to all our Zoë friends and family. The well-being of your pets is at the heart of what we do, and through these unpredictable times, we want you to be comforted knowing that your pets are still our top priority.

We are here to ease your worries.

If for whatever reason you’re having trouble finding what you need to properly care for your pets, reach out to us, we are here to help.

We are here to keep you informed.

The situation is fluid and everchanging. We are staying well-informed on the latest provincial and federal guidelines and are continuously making the necessary adjustments to our procedures to ensure our people, customers, families and communities are safeguarded as best we can. We’ve implemented preventative measures to protect our workforce, all while continuing to provide quality service to you and your pets – our valued customers. In order to help maintain consistent supply, we encourage you to be mindful when making your purchases so that every pet has access to the care it needs.

We are here for those who need us.

We are also reaching out to the community and committed to supporting local emergency shelters and response programs wherever we can; relief efforts which include offering pet food donations to emergency shelters set-up for pets whose owners are not able to care for them during this time, as well as delivery of pet food and litter to vulnerable and/or isolated individuals who otherwise cannot access basic pet care supplies.

We are here to answer your questions.

For any reason at all – questions concerning nutrition, difficulty accessing Zoë foods, the need for a helping hand or a friendly voice at the other end of the line – we are here for you.

You can contact us here: or call us at 1-800-554-2436.

-The Zoë Team



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