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Tricks to Help Your Cat and Dog to Get along

14 May 2020 — Miscellaneous

You are considering adding a new furriend to your family, but are afraid they will not get along with your cat? The idiom “fight like cats and dogs” appeared around the 16th century, but is it still relevant today? Here are some tips to help you out. 

  • Take personality, not breed, into account 

Contrary to popular belief, there are no such thing as breeds of cats and dogs that get along better than others.  Instead, their personality, age, and energy level should be taken into account. If your pet is aggressive and territorial, it might not be a good match with another pet with a similar temperament. If you are adopting, make sure to ask the shelter or the previous owner if the dog has lived with other pets in the past. 

  • Train your dog 

For your dog to get along with a cat, train him to control his impulses. It is important to exercise them at least 30 minutes per day so they can release their energy and be calmer around your cat.  

  • Let dogs and cats follow their noses 

Introduce them to each other slowly and keep your dog on a leash for the first few meetings. Let them sniff each other’s bedding and toys before a face to face introduction. 

  • Give you cat and dog their own territory 

Make sure they have their own space in the house, where they can find peace and quiet. They should also have their own toys and food bowls, even if the cat may only drink water from the dog’s bowl at some point! To avoid any fight, keep an eye on your cat’s toys, because dogs like catnip and might play with them. 

  • Consider adopting them together 

Socializing cats and dogs at a young age can be easier than introducing them as adults. Puppies are less confident and smaller at this age, making the introduction easier on both your cat and your dog. 



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