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Let’s get crafty!

15 February 2022 — Cats

In this unusual time, your cat is spending most of its days with you and the kids. Take advantage of this time to try some cool games! These games will not only entertain your cat mentally and physically but will also be a fun bonding experience for you at the same time. Don’t forget to stay around to supervise your pet while it’s playing. Let’s get crafty!

Treat Fishing


  1. Multiple toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls
  2. A small box
  3. Scissors
  4. Cat treats


  1. Collect several toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Collect several toilet paper and paper towel rolls.
  2. Take a small box (tissue box or a shoe box).
  3. Cut down the paper towel roll into different heights of rolls.
  4. Put the rolls into the box until the box is full and the rolls are steady.
  5. Sprinkle some cat treats into some of the rolls and give the puzzle to your cat to enjoy.

Peekaboo Box

A cat version of the whack-a-mole arcade game, but instead of the “moles” popping out of the holes, your cat will be reaching in to try to grab toys!


  1. Large box
  2. Scissors
  3. Packing tape or duct tape
  4. Cat toys, ping pong balls, aluminum balls, anything your cat likes.


  1. Take a large box and cut different sized holes in each side of the box.
  2. Drop balls or other cat toys into the box.
  3. Tape the box closed.

Treat dispenser

Create a new way to feed your cat. This interactive easy-to-make food or treat dispenser is a great way to make your cat’s mealtime interactive and fun.


  1. Plastic water or soda bottle
  2. Scissors
  3. Cat treats or dry kibbles


  1. Punch a few holes in the bottle big enough to allow a treat to come through.
  2. Make sure the edges of the holes are not sharp.
  3. Put a handful of treats or your cat’s dry kibble inside.
  4. Screw the lid back onto the bottle.
  5. Shake the bottle and show it to your cat and let it play. As your cat rolls the bottle around the room, treats will be dispensed.

Enjoy! Let us know which is your cat favorite game.



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