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Doggie Bingo Game

13 June 2024 — Game

Get ready for a fun time as you cross off squares like ‘mint’ and ‘carrot’, ingredients straight from our doggie treats!

Doggie Bingo Instructions:

  1. Print out the doggie Bingo game cards (one per player) and the bingo references (first sheet).
  2. Cut out the individual squares from the reference sheet and place them in a bowl or hat.
  3. Distribute the game cards to each player.
  4. Designate a caller who will randomly select a square from the bowl/hat and call out the corresponding image.
  5. Players mark off the called images on their game cards.
  6. The first person to complete a line (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) shouts “Bingo!” to win that round.
  7. Start a new round and play until everyone has had a chance to win or continue playing for more fun!

Enjoy playing doggie Bingo and have a paw-some time with your family!

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