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Does My Cat Love Me? ❤️

11 February 2020 — Cats

Even if your cat cannot talk to you to express themselves, they will always find ways to be understood, whether by meowing, rubbing themselves on your leg or giving you a little head bump. With these gestures, they succeed in getting your attention, and with time, you learn to interpret the need associated with each one of them. Your cat also uses certain behaviors to demonstrate their affection towards you.

Just like there are specific behaviors dogs use to communicate their love, cats have unique ways to say I Love You. We can now demystify the mysterious creature that is the cat.

Here is a list of 10 behaviors your cat uses to show their love for you.

Loving Eyes

In dogs, this behavior may be interpreted as a sign of dominance or aggressivity when it is combined with very specific body postures, but a cat that stands near you and stares at you straight in the eyes is showing that they have great trust in you. When they blink slowly, that’s them blowing you kitty kisses.

Hunting and Gifting Prey

Although they are domesticated, cats are still natural carnivores with hunting instincts. Some cat owners will shudder in horror when their cat brings them a dead mouse or other type of rodent; however, these offerings are meant only for the people that they love! That said, dogs are not as keen to share their feast, so beware!

Showing Their Belly

Cats don’t show their bellies to just anyone, as this places them in a vulnerable position. Therefore, it is a great sign of trust and love towards you. That’s your cat requesting cuddles from you. However, this behavior in dogs is perceived by some experts as a form of submission towards their owner. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not seeking belly rubs from you when they do this.

Curving the Tip of Their Tail

When your cat approaches you with their tail in the air with just the tip slightly curved, it is a sign of affection. Kittens use this method to show their mothers respect and, once they are adult cats, they continue to do this with the people they love.


When you are petting your cat and they are kneading you with their front paws, this means they are returning the affection you are showing them. This behavior is reminiscent of when they used to drink milk from their mother. Cats do this when they are relaxed, happy and feel loved. Experts call this behavior “milk treading”.

Head Bunting

Your cat uses head bunting to say “Hi” to you. When doing this, they also mix their scent to yours. This way, your cat ensures that everyone in their environment has the same scent, which makes them feel safe. It is also a way for them to tell you they want cuddles, so go for it!

Nipping You

If your cat is nipping you, they are demonstrating tenderness. Cats use these “love bites” to show affection to one another. Be tolerant; your cat doesn’t realize that these little bites can somewhat be painful to you.


Cats are known to spend endless hours grooming by licking themselves. If your cat takes the time to lick you, it’s because they care for you and consider you as an important member of their family.


This is probably the most widely known form of expression cats use to show their affection when you pet them. The vibration and sound produced seem to come from a little engine inside their bodies. In other rarer circumstances, purring may be a sign of discomfort.

Following You Around

It’s not mealtime, yet your kitty follows you around everywhere! When a cat feels comfortable in your company, they will follow you from room to room, jump on the sofa or the counter to be close to you without ever getting bored. Just like a little lap dog!

Finally, cats use different methods to communicate their affection towards us. Don’t forget to love them back! That’s all they want from you.




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