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How to Stop My Cat From Scratching My Furniture?

You’ve all heard the dreaded noise of your cat’s nails digging into your furniture. You run over to see the damage, either you get lucky that your cat’s nails weren’t too long, or the furniture is full of scratches. Either way, you must try to stop your cat from scratching your furniture before it’s too noticeable!

Why Does My Cat Scratch the Furniture?

It’s a cat’s instinct to scratch, they do it for many reasons, for instance, it can be to relieve stress or excitement, express emotion, remove the dead particles on their nails, or to get a good stretch. If your couch is the closest thing to them when they express any of these emotions, they will take it out on it.

How to Prevent Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture?

Scratching Post and Cat Trees

The best way to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture is to put something else that they’re allowed to scratch near the furniture they normally scratch, such as a Catit scratching post or a Catit cat tree. Depending on where you feed your cat, it’s best to put one near their food bowl. They may be excited to eat their food and want to relieve this excitement through scratching. They may also scratch when they wake up from a nap. If they sleep in one common spot, then it’s best to put a scratching post near their napping spot.

Depending on how long your cat has been scratching your furniture, it may take time for them to use the scratching post. To help introduce your cat to the scratching post, you may need to demonstrate to them how to use it. When your cat scratches the couch, pick them up and place them near the scratching post. Then, gently lift their paws and make them scratch the post. You may also need to scratch the post yourself; your cat will observe and may try it themself. Adding some catnip to the post will also help!

Aluminum Foil

Another useful tip is to tape foil to the furniture your cat normally scratches. Cats hate the feeling of foil; they may even jump the first time they touch it. This will deter your cat from scratching your furniture.

Keep Your Cat Busy

Your cat may be scratching your furniture because they feel anxious or bored. If they are not getting enough attention, then they may have suppressed energy and try to take it out on your furniture. Make sure that your cat has toys to play with when you’re not there and has places to climb, here are some ideas to keep your cat active.

Cut Your Cat’s Nails

If you have an indoor cat, it’s especially important to cut their nails because they’re not getting filed. By cutting your cat’s nails, you will reduce the damage to your furniture if your cat decides to scratch it.

Reward Your Cat When They Don’t Scratch

If you begin to see your cat scratching the furniture less often, then make sure to give them plenty of attention and a treat for good behavior. Keep doing this and your cat will learn that they’re doing something good!

What might work for one cat may not work for another. Patience is key to preventing your cat from scratching your furniture, experimentation may be required to figure out what works best for them. Make sure to stay consistent and eventually your cat will learn!