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A big teddy bear

26 January 2021 — Miscellaneous | Dogs

The Sheepadoodle is a mixed dog breed – a cross between the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. Intelligent, playful and loving, these gentle giants inherited some of the best traits from both of their parents. Here’s everything you need to know about this cute-looking pooch!

General Characteristics

They are considered a medium to large dog breed at about 16 to 22 in. (40 to 55 cm) tall, and weigh between 60 to 80 lb (18 to 30 kg). The lifespan of the Sheepadoodle is around 12 to 15 years. These pups are born black, white or both. Their colors are separated in well-defined spots that can appear randomly on any part of their body. Some are entirely brown or grey, but these are relatively rare. They usually have a longer coat which can be flat, wavy, or curly. Because this gentle giant is a member of the Doodle breed family, he is considered a hypoallergenic dog with low to no shedding; therefore, he is a great choice for allergy sufferers.


These adorable pups make good family dogs. If you are looking for a lovable, protective, loyal and energetic pooch, the Sheepadoodle is the right one for you! They’re also super calmsociable and obedient, which is why they’re often a favorite for families that have young children. Their ability to emotionally connect with their owners has made the Sheepadoodle a popular therapy and emotional support dog. They also get along well with other pets if introduced slowly and at a young age.


These good-looking dogs need to be groomed approximately every eight weeks and brushed two to three times a week, for 30-45 minutes each time, to prevent their coats from getting matted. Sheepadoodles are prone to weight gain and will need daily walks, runs, games of fetch, and training. These smart pups will also need to be mentally stimulated with games to prevent them from getting bored and destructive.

Sheepadoodles are cuddly, outgoing and will love you unconditionally. They’re also exceptionally smart and make excellent pets whether you’re a family, a couple or flying solo. They’re probably one of the best breeds to have as companions, but don’t forget to take into consideration that they need frequent grooming and daily exercise. If you ask us if it’s worth it, our answer is YES!



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