Top 3 Pet Trends in 2016

March 1, 2016

Raise your hand if you love to spoil your pet! Us too.

Sometimes that simply means keeping up with the latest trends so your fur-buddy is the coolest pet on the block.

Here are 3 predictions of the most popular pet trends we’ll see a lot of in 2016.

1) Space-Saving Pet Products

It’s all about maximizing the space you have in your home and keeping things organized. This includes pet products that don’t clutter. The “Kitty Cot” is a perfect example and allows your feline to judge the neighbours from the comfort of a perch that sticks onto your window panes (link:

2) Growth in Pet Grooming Services

Does your pet have their own Instagram or Facebook account? With the growth of Insta-famous pets comes a focus on keeping them lookin’ selfie ready 24/7. On par with celebrities, these pets need their glam squad and that includes visits to the groomers to keep their fur on “fleek.”

3) Pet Play Dates and Round-Up Events

It’s a great way for pets to meet new besties and for humans to connect with other pet-loving individuals. From Woofstock to Pet Expos there are tons of local events you can attend (not to mention most have great free pet SWAG and samples!) Your pet may have a busier social calendar than most humans in 2016!

What pet trends do you see becoming huge in 2016?

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