Presents for pet lovers

November 1, 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your shopping list. Who are you buying for and what will you get them? If some of the people on your list are pet owners, we’ve got some great news for you. We’ve compiled a list of awesome and unique gift ideas for pet lovers! From pet accessories and toys to jewellery, we’ve got the pet lovers on your list covered.

Check out our list of gift ideas below and let us know what your favourites are on our Facebook page!

Custom pet portrait pendant

Pet owners take a lot of photos of their pets. Find one of their favourites (perhaps a photo on their Facebook page) and turn it into a lovely piece of jewellery! Designer Erin Harris transforms pet photos into a custom pendant that is both stylish and adorable. Buy it here.

Pet furry phone cases

Japanese retailer Keora Keora created some super cute animal iPhone covers that are soft, fuzzy and extremely useful, protecting your phone from harm. The adorable tech accessories even come in different breeds, like a miniature toy poodle or a spotted Dalmatian. Learn more here.

The Buddy smart collar for dogs

The Buddy smart collar from tech company Squeaker is an awesome pet accessory that is extremely helpful. The LED collar improves visibility at night, it comes equipped with GPS to track your pet, it has a built-in temperature sensor and it records your pet’s daily activity via a smartphone app. Buy it here.

The Gori pet camera

The Gori pet camera is a sneaky little device that allows pet owners to spy on their pets. While you’re away, the camera allows you to see what your pet is doing all day, capturing some potentially very cute, almost missed moments. The camera also comes with a leash attachment so that owners can record their pets while out for a walk. Learn more here.

PoochSelfie smartphone attachment

Pet owners love to take selfies with their pets as much as they like to take pictures of their pets. The trickiest part of this is getting your pet to actually sit still and look at the camera. How do you get your pet to do this? The PoochSelfie! This smartphone accessory attaches to your phone, holding a tennis ball in place directly above the camera. This holds your pet’s attention long enough to snap a few super cute photos. Get it here.




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