Pet Selfies: Fun For Everyone!

June 1, 2016

Pet selfies are a truly wonderful, delightful trend that has been growing in popularity the last several years. So much so in fact, that National Geographic created an ad campaign around it in 2014.

Some pet selfies are literally just pets taking photos of themselves with their owners’ phones, like this AMAZING compilation of extremely awesome pet selfies from Buzzfeed. Others are humans taking selfies with animals, like this heroic young man, Allan Dixon from Ireland, who has truly mastered the craft.

They’re fun, they’re adorable, they’re hilarious – they’re our favourite thing right now. This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we couldn’t be more pleased. This trend is so popular; in fact, pet owners can now buy tech accessories specifically geared towards pet selfies.

Tech Republic, for example, wrote a great article back in September about tech toys for your pet, including the PetBot. The PetBot uses artificial intelligence to recognize your pet so that when they walk up to the device, it begins sending selfies and videos to the owner’s app. You can even send your pet treats remotely using the app. Incredible, right?

New to the pet selfie trend? No problem. You can actually buy accessories for your phone that will make pet selfies easier. Pooch Selfie, for example, is a smartphone attachment that places a tennis ball on top of your phone – catching your dog’s eye and holding his/her focus while you take the photo. You can even purchase a dog selfie prop kit to take your photos up a notch.

Do you have any pet selfies? Make our dreams come true and share them with us! Post a photo on the Zoë for Pets Facebook page!



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