Grooming trends

November 1, 2016

Pet grooming is generally not very complicated – a bath, a haircut, some brushing and your pet is all set! New pet-grooming trends are quickly changing the typical services offered by pet groomers. What do these new trends look like? We’ve got the details below!

Colourful highlights: it’s true – some fur parents are colouring their pet’s fur! The dye is of course temporary and washes out with water, but for a brief time some pets are walking around in some very bright colours. If you’re thinking of getting in on this trend yourself, be sure to use dye that is safe for your pet, such as dye made from food. This article offers some great tips (and cute photo examples!).

Dreadlocks: Doggie dreads! Okay so they’re not actual dreadlocks, they’re actually naturally occurring dreadlock-like locks on dogs with long, curly hair, like Komondors or Pulis. They look really cool, but are really tricky to keep clean. Check out some excellent dreadlock styles here.

Stencilled designs: Like temporary tattoos, stencilled designs are a fun way to add some colour to your pet’s appearance! Some pet owners get creative, like showing their team spirit by stencilling on a logo design, or festive with some traditional holiday designs. Like colourful highlights, the stencils use safe, non-toxic colours that wash off easily; meaning the only thing left to do is have some fun!

Square and round faces: This hilarious trend is easily our favourite of the new dog grooming trends we found. Beginning in Taiwan, pet groomers began giving dogs haircuts to make their heads look like perfect squares or perfect circles. Apparently the trend began when pet owners wanted to find a way to make their pet photos stand out easily on social media. It’s amazing. See it for yourself here.

Have you ever tried any of these pet-grooming trends? We would love to see some photos! Share your fun pet grooming photos with us on our Facebook page!


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