Instafamous Cats

October 1, 2016

As a proud pet owner, you’ve likely posted super cute photos of your pet on social media. Dog or cat, Facebook or Instagram, we love it all! Your pet photos are sure to brighten someone’s day. You can brighten up your social media feeds by following some famous pets yourself! Today’s blog highlights some “Instafamous” cats that you should definitely start following. These kitties are extremely cute and extremely popular. One of them even has over 3 million followers on Instagram! That’s one famous feline. These famous pet accounts are also a great place to get inspiration for your own pet photos!

Nala Cat: Nala Cat is currently the most famous cat on Instagram with over 3 million followers. Nala is a 6-year-old Siamese Tabby mix, adopted from a pet shelter in the LA area at 5 months old. Nala’s owner initially created the Instagram account to share photos of Nala with friends and family. Her cuteness could not be ignored though, and soon thousands of people couldn’t get enough of Nala’s heart-warming photos.

Real Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, became an internet sensation a few years back with her perpetually grumpy looking face. Now with a verified Instagram account, she has 1.7 million followers, and the same hilariously grumpy expression on her face. Tardar isn’t actually grumpy, the colouring of the fur on her face and her underbite are what give the impression of grumpiness. We never tire of her super funny, slightly annoyed face. In fact, so many people enjoy her grumpy expression that she has been immortalized at Madame Tussauds with her own wax figure.

Pudge the Cat: Pudge is a female feline with a moustache that is “better than yours.” The colour of the fur on her face gives the impression of a large white moustache, which also droops downwards, giving the impression of a perpetual frown. With over 623,000 Instagram followers, the Internet seems to have a thing for grumpy looking cats. So do we, frankly. Pudge was adopted from a pet shelter in Chicago 6 years ago and has been happy ever since, despite what the moustache may tell you.

Snoopy Babe: Snoopy Babe is an extremely popular cat in China. She gained notoriety on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and on Instagram now boasts over 341,000 followers. Snoopy Babe almost looks like a real life cartoon – her big round face has a look of constant concern due to her very large, round eyes. She also has a super cute tiny nose and mouth, which make Snoopy Babe look even more cartoonish. She is often photographed in adorable outfits, making this one of the cutest Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen.

Loki Ketteh: Loki gained popularity on Instagram, with over 167,000 followers to date, because she looks as though she could be part vampire. No really! Loki has extra large “fangs” that are perpetually visible, even when her mouth is closed. As a result, Loki often looks angry or upset, but her cute face makes up for it and people love her anyway. We wouldn’t want to get on Loki’s bad side though.

We hope these Instafamous cats put a smile on your face every time they pop up in your feed! Do you follow any famous cats on social media? Let us know who we missed in the comments section below!

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