Fun dog training ideas

January 16, 2017

It’s National Train Your Dog Month! Now is the perfect time to teach your pup some new tricks. Sit, stay, and speak are all pretty standard, but why not change things up and teach your pet some excellent party tricks. We think the tricks below are just the ticket! Read on to see which tricks sound like a good fit for your pup (maybe all of them!) and then watch the videos included to learn in detail how to teach your dog some new tricks.

Once you’re finished learning and training your pup, show us the finished product! Share with us photos or videos of your pup’s new tricks on our Facebook page.

Kiss trick: Some pups already like to give kisses – a lot of kisses generally. With this trick you can teach your pup to give these kisses on command. Use this video to learn this trick.

Play dead: This trick is a bit harder to master, but the payoff is hilarious. A dog already trained to roll over will find this trick a little easier to get the hang of. Use a clicker and treats to facilitate learning this trick. See this video for detailed instructions.

Spin: Teaching your pup to spin on command is a classic trick, and is actually not that hard to do. In this video you’ll learn the right technique to make learning this trick a piece of cake.

Sit pretty: Teaching your pup to sit pretty is not only a fun trick; it comes with the added bonus of exercise! This trick is great for your dog’s core strength and balance. It also makes for an excellent photo opportunity. This video will teach you more.

Hug: You likely hug your dog all the time, but how nice would it be to have your dog hug back? This trick is a simple step up from sit pretty, as it teaches your pup to essentially sit pretty with their paws on your shoulders. See this video for more information.

Does your dog know any unique tricks? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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