Cool Feeding Tools

April 8, 2016

Do you consider yourself a bit of a foodie? Besides making and enjoying delicious meals, we all know that the trendy utensils, gadgets and kitchen sets are an addiction of their own. Who’s to say your pup doesn’t want to enjoy their food in unique dishes and bowls as well?

Here are our top 3 picks for most creative dog dishes, bowls and feeding tools that you need to have:

  1. The Pawcet

Besides having a super cute and clever name, this doggy drinking water fountain is activated with a push of their paw. Your independent dog will be hydrated and happy!

  1. Skate Dog Studios

Maybe your pup is more on the “chill” side. This studio takes old skateboards and turns them into elevated desks that hold food bowls. These will fit right into your trendy loft or modern condo with awesome prints and designs suitable for every personality.

  1. Slurpabowls

The name may be funny, but these foldable, leak-free, colourful dog bowls are exactly what you have been waiting for. They are made out of 100% recyclable paper but don’t be fooled – these bowls are super durable and perfect for those pets who are always on the go, go, go!

There you have it. Some awesome feeding tools that your dog (and you) will love! Does your dog have a unique feeding dish? Tell us about it below!



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