Fun Trend: Condiments for cats

October 1, 2016

You’ve given your kitty cat treats before, but have you ever heard of cat condiments? This fun trend includes flavours like Catchup and Meowstard. Why get cat condiments for your pet? These products are designed to bring a new flavour profile to your cat’s bowl in a fun new way! It’s also a great new way to surprise your pet with something extra tasty.

Who’s making these cat condiments? The owners of Petchup! Inspired by their own love of ketchup, the creators of cat condiments (and also dog condiments!) wanted to offer a flavourful addition to dry food while providing a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, prebiotics and omega 3, 6 and 9. The products are made with human-grade ingredients, no added sugar, and they’re even gluten and GMO free!

What sort of flavours can your cat expect? Petchup’s cat condiments line comes in two flavours – Catchup, a savoury blend made with real wild Alaskan salmon, and Meowstard, a delicious turkey flavour. Both are 100% made in the USA with no artificial colours or flavours. This means that you can feel good treating your cat to these tasty sauce options.

Don’t forget to treat your pup! Petchup also offers four sauce flavours for dogs! The original product, Petchup, is a delicious beef flavour. Muttstard is a salmon flavoured treat, Bark B-Q is pork flavoured, and Mutt-N-Aise is turkey flavoured! Like the cat condiments, the products available for dogs are full of healthy vitamins and minerals, glucosamine and prebiotics. They’re also gluten free, low calorie, and made without artificial colours or flavours.

So where can you get these tasty pet treats? The company website offers an online store with great deals on combo packs! You can also find Petchup products on online shopping sites such as amazon. Give your pet a delicious surprise and try these unique treats now!

What do you think of this trend? Would your pet like a savoury sauce with their dry kibble?

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