Celebrity Pampered Pets

September 6, 2016

Are you guilty of spoiling your pet? Us too! It’s hard not to, they’re cute and cuddly and always happy to see you. Maybe you spoil your pet with love, or maybe you take it a step further and spoil your pet with toys, clothes and fancy beds. However you spoil your pet, we can guarantee that it’s nothing close to how insanely spoiled some celebrity pets are! We searched the web and put together a list below of some of the most spoiled celebrity pets in the world. You’ll never feel guilty spoiling your pet again.

Mariah Carey’s 8 (!) dogs

If you can believe it, Mariah Carey reportedly spends over $47,000 grooming her eight pups! That’s a lot of dough, but the spoiling doesn’t stop there! Her doggies reportedly have a chauffeur and are lucky enough to fly with her first class whenever they tag along. Must be a pretty sweet life.

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell was probably one of the most famous celebrity pets. She has been so famous she even had her own book, “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton.” The sweet little Chihuahua, along with her five puppy pals, lived in a two-storey, air-conditioned mansion that is actually a miniature replica of Paris Hilton’s home. The cost? $325,000! We can’t believe it either.

Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette

Lagerfeld’s adorable Siamese kitty Choupette has not one, but two maids dedicated to taking care of her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The maids also record Choupette’s every move in a diary. This feline has become so notorious, she even has her own Twitter account (with close to 50,000 followers, no less).

Britney Spears and Bit Bit

Britney’s stylish pooch, Bit Bit, accompanies the star to some very major celebrity events in a diamond-encrusted collar. The pup often accompanies the star to some of the hottest restaurants in the country, enjoying her own sample of the gourmet fare.

Taylor Swift’s cats, Meredith & Olivia

Swift’s cute and cuddly feline friends are arguably the biggest stars of her Instagram feed. The star often posts photos of her cats being treated like princesses, typically travelling in Swift’s arms wherever they go. When the travel is far, they naturally fly with Swift in a private jet. Bon Voyage!

How do you spoil your pets? Tell us about it in the comments section below!
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