Brain Games to Make Your Cat Smarter

November 9, 2018

Games with your pets are always an enjoyable experience. Not only do you get to enjoy yourself, but you also get to enjoy the moment with them. Cats are especially playful animals. Families with children are more advantaged as children may spend hours on end playing with their favorite pets. Cats can play a massive role in a family; apart from cheering you or your child up, they are always very focused and sharp. This article will focus on cats and the simple brain games you can play with them to help improve their cognitive functions.

It is common knowledge that cats are brilliant animals. Their intelligence is usually showcased when they are hunting for prey, which they do with great precision, or when running away from predators, which they do cleverly. Cats have a unique ability to bluff while trying to scare off bigger animals, something that makes them stand out from all other pets. However, despite this inborn intelligence, they also need the chance to demonstrate and improve their intelligence, just like humans. As such, frequent brain games with your cat will go a long way in helping it develop its intelligence.

Here are six simple brain games you can play with your cat.

  1. Turn Meal Time into A Game

Cats are pets with an instinct to hunt and prey for their food. Although you may choose to keep your cat home, it prefers to look for its own food rather than depend on you. You can take advantage of its instinct and make meal time fun. Start by hiding your cat’s food inside the house, which will be most satisfying as hunting will make good use of its sense of smell and its eyesight. There are several foraging toys specially designed to help cats hone their natural hunting instincts. Puzzle feeders can also play a similar role and are much cheaper since you can easily make them yourself from carton and paper towels. Hide your cat’s food inside a cardboard box, poke a hole in it, and let your furry friend try to get the food out.

  1. Play Some Water Games

Cats are not known to be good swimmers, but some of them love playing in the water. If your cat enjoys swimming, you can take advantage of this and prepare some water games. A good example would be to fill your bathroom sink with water and put marbles and ping-pong balls in it. The marbles will sink to the bottom while the ping-pong balls will float. Now watch as your cat tries to get the marbles out. It will be a funny sight for you, and your cat will have fun trying.

  1. Engage Them in An Obstacle Course

Cats like challenging themselves to try new things. You should take advantage of this and engage them in some obstacle courses. Use your cat’s favorite toy and have them run throughout the house and jump on top of obstacles to reach it. You can add more obstacles like tunnels and boxes, among other things, and let your cat have some fun.

  1. Give Your Cat Some Interactive Toys

Cats like figuring things out, and interactive toys can effectively bring out their inquisitive nature. Various toys are appropriate for this type of game. A good example is the wand toy, which will keep your cat hooked for hours as it tries to pull on one end of the toy and get the impression that it is catching prey. This process may be thrilling for the cat, making it jump on the toy and sometimes throw it around.

  1. Make Old Things Appear New

Cats, like humans, will get bored with something after some time. However, unlike humans, cats can easily get cheated. Try to move their toys to a new room or hide some that they have gotten bored with and release them later. You will be surprised to see your cat play with its old toys as if they were new. A cat tree can come in handy: just hide some toys in it and let your cat find them.

  1. Leave out Boxes and Paper Bags

Cats love playing with boxes and paper bags, so you should consider leaving some out for your cat to play with: your furry friend will definitely love it! Depending on how you lay them out, paper bags and boxes give cats a bit of a challenge that helps them open up and make them more active.

Cats are spirited and playful animals. You should ensure that on top of the normal games your cat enjoys, it also gets to play mind games that will help in developing its cognitive abilities. Such games are good for cats’ health and offer them more thrill and excitement. You are also sure to enjoy those moments with your pet and share in the fun.

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