Boutique Boarding

April 28, 2016

While all dog owners would prefer to take their pet with them when going away, certain situations arise where boarding your dog is necessary. If the idea of sending your dog away for a few days makes you feel terrible, there are amazing places available to make your decision much easier.

What is boutique boarding exactly?

A boutique boarding facility seeks to alleviate the stress of separation by providing a modern, clean kennel where a team of dedicated staff will provide individual attention and care for your pet. The facility provides a home atmosphere for your pet, where toys, beds and plenty of food are available. Pets are also free to go outside and play, at all times under supervision.

Below are some examples of great boutique boarding facilities in major Canadian cities:

Nosy Barkers Boutique & Boarding

  • Located in Toronto, Nosy Barkers provides a home away from home for your pet, with plenty of TLC and fresh air
  • “Every dog deserves to stay in a loving home when mom and dad are away”

Uptown Dawg

  • Located close to Vancouver, Uptown Dawg provides 24/7 comfort and care – even snuggles at night!
  • “Our Bed & Breakfast boasts all the comforts of home, in a safe, cage-free environment. Your pooch will feel like they’re on a vacation of their own”

Hotel Muzo – Pet Resort for Urban Dogs and Cats

  • Located in Montreal, Hotel Muzo pampers your pet with the best amenities available, including private rooms with cozy beds, TVs, and premium quality food and snacks
  • “More than 10,000 square feet entirely devoted to dog and cat comfort”

Chasin’ Tails

  • Considered Calgary’s original “cage-free pet resort,” Chasin’ Tails offers a mix of open, active spaces and quiet, luxurious lounges for your pup
  • Dogs receive care and attention 24 hours a day, orthopaedic beds and the option to play or relax whenever they want, as much as they want

Sounds amazing, right? We thought so too. Next time you need to (sadly) leave your dog behind, consider boutique boarding as a special treat for your best bud. Going on vacation? They can too!

Have you ever tried sending your furry pal to a place like this? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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