The 3 most popular & easy to make DIY pet beds

August 2, 2018

For those crafty pet lovers out there, we gathered the easiest & most popular DIY pet beds we found on the internet that are sure to please you and your better half, handmade and better than what you can buy in most pet stores.

Read on and learn how you can make your fur babies feel comfy while also adding charm to any décor.

The Acclaimed Tire Bed

You will need:

  • Tire
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Pillow case
  • 2 Pillows
  • Big cardboard box

Tire BedChallenging Task: Painting evenly & consistently around the tire. Ensure the paint is made to paint rubber.

Helpful Hint: Some of us know all too well about using both summer and winter tires. You can use an end-of-life tire you still have stored or one your neighbour wants to let go. You can also reach out to the tire store where you usually take your car and talk to someone about your idea so they can find the best size for you for little or no cost!

  1. Take an old used tire, wash it out with soap and let it dry completely. You need to ensure all the dirt and rocks are out of the way as paint won’t stick to dirt.
  2. While the tire is drying, take an old pillow you have either found at a thrift store or at home and wrap it into a fitted bed sheet, curling the elastic under it to form a bundle. This will be the base of your bed.
  3. Once the tire is dry, you can start the fun part: painting. Use the cardboard of the box to place your dried tire outside so you can paint it easily without leaving marks on the ground. Ensure your paint is rubber-friendly as you want the color to last and stick to the rubber evenly. Once the paint is dry on one side, flip the tire and continue painting the other side. Let it dry out for about an hour.
  4. Finish it up. Using a colourful or fun pillow case you like, stuff the other pillow into it, and use that as the topper, as this will be the part that will show. Make sure the fit is snug to avoid any hollow spots. Place the bed in your pet’s favourite lounging spot and let your fur baby enjoy.

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The Vintage Suitcase Bed:

You will need:

  • Old Suitcase
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Durable Duct Tape
  • Pillow case
  • Pillow

Vintage BedChallenging Task: Wooden dowels and nails

Helpful Hint: Remember your grandmother’s suitcase from 1935 that is still sitting in your basement? Well, that’s exactly what you need for this project.

  1. Your bed will be the side of the suitcase with the handle. Open the suitcase and using some tools, like a screw driver, remove the other side. When doing so, make sure to remove all pins, screws and nails. You can use durable duct tape to cover any holes or rough edges.
  2. If you want to keep the suitcase top as a background, you can keep the suitcase intact and just add some small wooden dowels to the back seam. Hammer or screw them in the spine to ensure the top doesn’t fall on the pet, but also to protect your walls from everyday handling.
  3. Use a recycled pillow from either your own home or one you have picked up for this project, and stuff it into a pillow case you have chosen to go with this bed. Ensure the pillow is big enough to cover the area, or stuff two pillows inside one pillow case if you want something less fluffy for your pet.
  4. Stuff the base of the suitcase, making sure all the edges are smooth.
  5. Place in a common area in your home and watch your pet enjoy!

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The Mighty Pallet Bed:

You will need:

  • Wooden Pallet
  • Saw
  • Sand paper
  • Paint
  • 4 pillows
  • Fitted bed sheet

Mighty Pallet BetChallenging Task: Stain or repaint the pallet

Helpful Hint: We all see these pallets at mass grocery stores or construction supply shops where you can ask the manager for one (most of the time for free), but if you find one in your own recycling, just grab it and you are all set!

  1. Flip the pallet upside down and mark an entrance space on one side. This means that this part will be sawed off as it will be used as the pet’s way in and out. Measure it and make sure it is even on both sides.
  2. Once the section is removed, use sand paper, a sand sponge or a sander (for those with tools) to clean all edges and surfaces. Pallets are great and durable, but splinters are something we have to look for and remove.
  3. Once all surfaces are sanded and smoothed, you can paint the whole pallet or apply stain to the wood as it will last longer. You can always leave it natural if you would rather go with this simple look.
  4. Once the stain dries out and the pallet has been sitting for a few days, stuff your four pillows into the fitted bed sheet and place them in the mold of the pallet. Smooth out the edges and invite your pet to enjoy their new luxury sleeping bed, ideal for those larger-than-life dog breeds that we love so much.

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Choose any of the 3 beds above and make this your weekend project. Don’t forget to show us the results in the comments!


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