3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

May 28, 2015

Dog owners always look for new ways to entertain their pets.  Going for walks and spending time with your pup is good for the both of you, but throwing in a few brain exercises in the mix is another great way to bond with your pet. Read on to learn 3 cool tricks that you can easily teach your dog. You’ll both feel smart after a proper execution.

The High Five

  1. Have your dog sit down in front of you and kneel so you can touch your pet’s paw.
  2. Take your pet’s favorite treat in your hand and close it. Let your dog smell your hand until her paw reaches for the treat.
  3. Reward your dog every time her paw touches your hand.
  4. Once your dog understands this concept, move your hand up slightly and to the side, and say “high five” every time your dog’s paw touches your hand. Reward every successful paw touch.
  5. After a few times of executing this routine, open your hand in the high five position by saying “high five” and reward your dog with a treat after she touches your hand.

Search and Find

  1. A dog’s nose is very sophisticated, so hide your dog’s favorite treats in the house to put his nose and searching instinct to the test.
  2. Say “search” or “find it”; you’ll be surprised how quickly your dog figures this game out.
  3. You might need to point your dog in the right direction in the beginning, but don’t be fooled, she will get very good at finding the treats in the weirdest locations.

Fetch it

  1. Show your dog the toy you want him to pick up and play with it to get him interested. Initially, this may work best with a rope toy. Reward your dog with a treat every time he puts the toy in his mouth.
  2. Once your dog understands this, say “fetch it” whenever he grabs the toy in his mouth.
  3. Teach your pet to release the toy. To do so, stop playing or pulling on it and say “release”. Reward your dog every time he does it.
  4. To teach him to bring the toy to you, pull on it while your pet still has it in his mouth and walk with him. If your dog easily keeps the toy in his mouth, run with him and make him follow you. Should he lose interest in the toy, play with it again to bring it back to life. Do not forget to reward him every time you have a successful walk/run.
  5. After multiple training sessions, your dog should understand how to pick up the toy and bring it to you. Training can last anywhere between 1 to 10 weeks depending on your dog’s age and breed.
  6. Once your dog has gotten this trick under control, challenge him by teaching him to release the toy in your hand instead of dropping it to the floor, or start over with other objects.

Don’t forget the following:

  • Keep all trick training sessions to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Be patient and always finish on a happy note.

Zoë Tender Bites are perfect for training treats. Have fun and let us know which of the suggested tricks your dog mastered!

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